Modern Living: The Rebel Set
  • Modern Living: The Rebel Set
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Arizona's Garage/Beat sensations offer up their best L.P. so far (seriously)! This is the sound of summertime: friends, parties, tropical drinks, swimming pools, twister (or lawn darts if you're uptight), tiki torches, ice cream trucks and bug repellent. If you plan on having a bit of summer fun, you'll absolutely need this album!!

LP Track Listing: 1. Gonna Be No Fun 2. Going Out In Style 3. The Party's Over 4. Spaces 5. Anyway I Want 6. Nothing To Do 7. Modern Living 8. Everything Is Fine 9. Best We Could Find 10. The Last Time 11. Going Down 12. Setting Sun

(Outro-027, 2021)

Well, let's hear it!

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